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You pop into the grocery store to pick up some ingredients for dinner, and think, “I should pick up a bottle of wine (or two) while I’m here”. Wheeling the cart into the beverage aisle, you are met with rows of gleaming bottles, neatly organized by region, color, varietal and price.  Eye-catching labels, and cute back-stories are great, but at the end of the day, you just want to know how the wine actually tastes.

Photo by: Nancy Winkelmann

Following the release of the 2018 vintage of Syncopation’s four wines  – Rhythmic Blend, Acoustic Blend, Duet Rosé, and Jam Session – I decided to take this idea one step further. Based on Sommelier Mike Ward’s personal tasting notes, I created a visual representation of the flavors and aromas he identified in each wine.  After all, these wines are grown, blended, and are available exclusively in Missouri – the Show Me State. 


Show Me: Rhythmic Blend 

Show Me: Acoustic Blend

Show Me: Duet Rosé

Show Me: Jam Session


Mike Ward can tell you, I can show you, or you can taste these wines yourself at any of our upcoming tasting events.

Syncopation Wines Tasting Events


Nancy Winkelmann

Photographer and Contributor