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You pop into the grocery store to pick up some ingredients for dinner, and think, “I should pick up a bottle of wine (or two) while I’m here”. Wheeling the cart into the beverage aisle, you are met with rows of gleaming bottles, neatly organized by region, color, varietal and price.  Eye-catching labels, and cute … Continued

Syncopation: Awaken Your Senses

With such hectic hustle and bustle seven days a week we forget to take a moment to breathe. We seldom make time to stop and experience what it means to feel and revel in being alive. Everyone deserves to indulge themselves, to invoke their senses. To see, hear, smell, touch and to taste. The best … Continued

Duet by Syncopation Rose Day Video

Video by Jim Barnthouse Duet by Syncopation featured at “It’s Rose Day! in the CWE” May 4th 2019. This Chambourcin based Rose is fruit forward and incredibly versatile with many types of foods.

Introducing Syncopation

Syncopation occurs when a variety of unexpected beats are blended to make an interesting and unusual rhythm. Syncopation wine is created with a variety of unexpected flavors.